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Fillable What To Do When Blogging and Social Media Calendar 2022

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Save a tree, no need to print this planner! Use it electronically and stay on track, day in, day out, week in, week out and you will never miss a task for the entire year.

This Fillable Planner will be your best friend from now on going forward.

Below you can see an example of the different pages, to be found in this planner.

Image on a lilac background showing 6 different pages of a Fillable Social Media Calendar
Fillable Social Media Calendar

How this Fillable Social Media Calendar will help you!

  • Download directly to your desktop or any other device you wish to use.
  • Go to each month and the separate pages and add the tasks you wish to complete.
  • You can fill out your recurring tasks for the same day each week or month and you will be set.
  • Revisit this daily to stay on track and make sure that you keep it open.
  • Once the task is complete, if you wish, either change the color of the font or strikethrough the task then you know you’re done.

What others have to say about this Calendar

Testimonial from fellow Blogger Talat Yasmin from
Testimonial from Talat Yasmin, Fillable What To Do When Blogging and Social Media Calendar 2022

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